Wiring concepts for OEMs

Optimal internal wiring that is indeed not visible, but nevertheless audible.

VOVOX provides a special assortment of conductors for the internal wiring of musical instruments, audio electronics and speakers. This is an offer for producers who want to ensure that no detail is left to chance and aim to bring their products to perfection.

Product range

Please contact us, so that we can advise you comprehensively. We can provide an assortment of conductors of various qualities from 0.2 to 3.2 mm diameter.
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Many OEM's prefer to be advised and supplied confidentially. We do respect this. After all, it's our client's decision whether they would like to promote their VOVOX® purum wiring or whether this information is an industrial secret.

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myrinx microphones

Myrinx is a spin-off of the companies VOVOX and evosolutions. Well established high quality microphones are converted in a way that the capsule and PCB remain untouched, but the internal and external wiring is optimized without compromises. This is an examplar project that demonstrates the effect of a few centimeters of VOVOX® sound conductor.

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Blackhole Amplification

"The pure tube amplifier Blackhole LONELY, fitted with VOVOX® sound conductors, closes the gap between VOVOX® guitar cables and VOVOX® speaker cables. Thus the whole signal chain from the guitar to the speaker is built with premium sound conductors. Especially in the case of the extremely reduced LONELY the signal profits by the excellent transmission, the tone becomes more crisp and vivid. The sound of the tubes comes unaltered to the fore."

Matthias Günthart

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"A good connection indeed! Exact pulse loudspeakers are able to point out their superiority in reproducing sound composition when used on equal electronics and equal cables. For this reason I preferably use VOVOX® sound conductors. I enjoy the concise order in sound impression: the right timing!"

Michael Weidlich

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"Um bei einem so hochwertigen Gerät wie dem alpha compressor das absolute Maximum an Klangqualität herausholen zu können, ist auch eine perfekte Innenverkabelung unumgänglich. Nach diversen Versuchen habe ich die VOVOX® Klangleiter getestet und war sofort begeistert. Der Unterschied ist deutlich hörbar und stellt eine klare Verbesserung dar: Ein sehr natürliches Klangbild, alle Details werden richtig dargestellt, Stereobreite und Tiefenstaffelung sind hervorragend. Auch die Materialqualität ist vorbildlich. Für uns sind das gute Gründe, ab sofort ausschließlich VOVOX® Klangleiter für die interne Audioverkabelung unserer Geräte einzusetzen."

Ruben Tilgner

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"VOVOX® is our first choice cable. It optimally supports the great reproduction of transients our speaker concept offers. The reproduction in both, micro and macro dynamics, is exemplary. No segmentation of play back details into separate frequency ranges but only pure musical enjoyment."

Joachim Bembennek


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