VOVOX® purum Studios

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Horus Studios, Singapore

"Whenever we receive a batch of VOVOX cables, it is like having a new piece of gear installed in our mastering signal chain. With the XL series, it gives a tighter extended low-end, wider stereo image, more depth and the frequency is very open and natural! The new sound is way beyond our expectation. We totally enjoy it with our ATC Speaker, Maselec Console, Merging Technology & Burl Audio Converters!"

Leonard Fong

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Soundation Studio, Helmbrechts (D)

"For me, VOVOX always stood for best quality and absolute signal fidelity. With the new mastering chain a personal dream had come true. As much as with the audio gear, I wanted to select the best available quality on the market also for the cables. In a carefully prepared blind test I always had the impression that the VOVOX sound conductors presented the stereo image with a little more transparence and definition. For me, cables are an equally important part of the audio chain as each single component.

Thanks for this piece of Swiss quality."

Thomas Feilner, Soundation Studio

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Tom Maeder, Basel (CH)

"VOVOX cables are about trusting what you hear! If it does not sound perfect, then it certainly is NOT because of the cables!

With VOVOX cables there are no weak links in my signal chain. So I can forget about the cables and concentrate on the music!"

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Spacetrain (CH)

"Spacetrain now crosses galaxies with VOVOX, discovering a whole new sound dimension. Whether for charts, movies, commercials or web, the refined sound conductors will bring the touching compositions of Spacetrain even closer to the audience."

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Lars Kischkel Studio, Köln (D)

"The sound is very open throughout the entire frequency spectrum. transients are reproduced very cleanly and quickly. Beyond that, the three-dimensional offset in depth facilitates a subtly nuanced automation of effects.

To re-wire my studio strictly with VOVOX was THE upgrade in 2016. The purum sound leads me to my objective more quickly and in doing so also lifts my spirits."

Lars Kischkel

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Guido Michael Alexander Audio Mastering, Balgach (CH)

"The pristine sound characteristics, that is achieved with VOVOX sound conductors, perfectly reproduces the primordial emotion of the artist - and that’s what we want to accomplish in the mastering process after all. Thank you VOVOX"

Guido Koepke

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Globe Audio, Bordeaux (F)

"After many blind tests between several brands we realized that, for critical applications like mastering, VOVOX are the best high end cables... 
With VOVOX cables, sound gets more dynamic, open and detailed. The sound stage and definition are just amazing!

VOVOX perfectly completes our new NO compromise audio setup we built around the Maselec Mastering Console"

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Intonation Premium Audio Mastering, Dublin (IE)

"It was a revelation to hear sound through VOVOX cabling. Digitalisation and compression were facilitating the transmission of music, but the side effect was the downgrading of the audio quality. And here was the extraordinary VOVOX, giving audio back its soul and maintaining the analogue warmth and clarity. Any doubts we had about the difference this cabling could make were dispelled when we heard them demonstrated by Jurg Vogt. The Intonation studio was conceived around them and would not exist without them - they are the key element which enable us to achieve as good a sound quality as you can get. We initially installed VOVOX link cables throughout the studio and did not think they could be surpassed. But when VOVOX sonorus became available, we did not hesitate to change the entire studio to VOVOX sonorus for the subtle difference they offer."
Kerrin McKenzie