Speaker cable

VOVOX® sonorus drive has been optimized to connect guitar or bass amplifier heads with speaker cabinets. Thanks to the special cable design and the wide conductor spacing it transmits amplified signals with a maximum of punch and definition.

  • single solid core conductors for signal and ground
  • conductors made of the purest available copper
  • natural fibers netting around every single conductor wire
  • pigment and plasticizer-free high purity polymers


Made in Switzerland

VOVOX® sound conductors are hand-assembled in Switzerland. The cables, including the solder, are lead-free.

Connectors for VOVOX® sonorus drive

Jumbo phone plug

Our pronounced goal is the perfect transmission of sound signals. To achieve this aim, the cable, but also the connectors, must fulfil our requirements. For this reason, we use special jumbo-size ¼" phone plugs. They guarantee first-class sound and secure handling. 

      • optimized signal contact made of copper
      • extra large connector housing
      • optimal bend-protection
      • lead-free soldering


Speakon connectors

We use original Neutrik NL2FX Speakon connectors.

Product Range VOVOX® sonorus drive Speaker Cable

Length [cm/ft] Connector towards amp   Connector towards cabinet Item number
100 / 3.3 1/4" phone plug 1/4" phone plug 6.3501
100 / 3.3 Speakon Speakon 6.3503
200 / 6.6 1/4" phone plug 1/4" phone plug 6.3502
200 / 6.6 Speakon Speakon 6.3504

Highest quality conductor materials

The selection of the right conductor material is crucial for the sound. The basis of all VOVOX® sonorus cables are solid core conductors made from ultra-pure copper. Each wire is covered by a netting of natural fibers. This prevents from so called triboelectric noise and further enhances sound quality.

Ultra-pure polymers

VOVOX® sonorus sound conductors are covered with high-tech polymers. Although plastics are not directly involved in the signal transmission, they do have an effect on the sound quality. VOVOX® doesn't use any PVC. Only ultra-pure plastics without plasticizers are used. Even the use of colour pigments is almost completely avoided.

Arrangement of conductors

Current induces electromagnetic fields encircling every conductor. If the distance between two conductors is too small, interactions and interferences are created. The result is an audible loss of sound quality. As a consequence, the conductors are arranged at well-defined, relatively large distances.

Optimal square section with minimized boundary surfaces 

The surface of a metallic conductor is generally a critical zone. There, the crystal lattice is inevitably disrupted. Furthermore there is a multitude of interactions between the conductor and the insulation. In order to minimize the adverse effect of this critical zone, VOVOX® sound conductors are made of single solid core conductors instead of stranded wires. Using this construction, the total boundary surface is reduced by up to 90%. Moreover, we do not seek the maximum but the optimal square section of the conductor. This is found where both, the effects of boundary surface as well as the ohmic resistance are minimal.