Two-core PA speaker cable

Modern PA systems offer sound quality on the top level. This matter of fact was motivation enough for us to specifically develop speaker cables for this application, so that high end PA systems can fully exert their potential. Due to the large diameter of the solid core conductors, this cable is relatively stiff. The application is therefore restricted to permanently installed PA systems.

  • single solid core conductors for signal and ground
  • 2.0 mm² cross section
  • natural fibers netting around every single conductor wire
  • cable jacketing made of non-halogen, flame-retardant (FRNC) polyurethane
  • optimized for easy cable assembly

Made in Switzerland

VOVOX® sound conductors are hand-assembled in Switzerland. The cables are lead-free.

Connectors for VOVOX® sonorus drive XL2

Speakon connectors

We use original Neutrik NL2FX Speakon connectors.

VOVOX® sonorus XL2 two-core PA speaker cable

Length [cm/ft] Connector towards amp   Connector towards cabinet Item number
100 / 3.3 Speakon 2 Pin Speakon 2 Pin 6.7202
200 / 6.6 Speakon 2 Pin Speakon 2 Pin 6.7204
350 / 11.5 Speakon 2 Pin Speakon 2 Pin 6.7205
500 / 16.4 Speakon 2 Pin Speakon 2 Pin 6.7206
1000 / 32.8 Speakon 2 Pin Speakon 2 Pin 6.7207
50 m / 164 ft (on roll) without connector without connector 8.7201
100 m / 328 ft (on roll) without connector without connector 8.7202
200 m / 656 ft (on roll) without connector without connector 8.7203

Highest quality conductor materials

The selection of the right conductor material is crucial for the sound. The basis of all VOVOX® sonorus XL cables are solid-core conductors made from oxygen-free, ultra-pure copper. Each wire is covered by a netting of natural fibers. This prevents from so called triboelectric noise and further enhances sound quality.

Optimal square section with minimized boundary surfaces 

The surface of a metallic conductor is generally a critical zone. There, the crystal lattice is inevitably disrupted. Furthermore there is a multitude of interactions between the conductor and the insulation. In order to minimize the adverse effect of this critical zone, VOVOX® sound conductors are made of single solid core conductors instead of stranded wires. Using this construction, the total boundary surface is reduced by up to 90%. Moreover, we do not seek the maximum but the optimal square section of the conductor. This is found where both, the effects of boundary surface as well as the ohmic resistance are minimal.

Optimized for easy assemblage

With VOVOX® sonorus XL2 we attached importance to making the cables easy to assemble. The usage of robust polyurethane as cable coating enables professionals easy assemblage with standard tools. The colour coding of the cores, rather unusual for VOVOX cables, makes things clear, even when cables need to be assembled on-site.

Application for permanently installed PA systems 

The usage of solid core conductors is an essential point in the VOVOX concept. To be able to transmit the high power level typical for PA systems, the conductors need to have a relatively large diameter. As a consequence, VOVOX® sonorus XL2 is a rather stiff cable. It is meant to be used for permanently installed PA systems only. If used with mobile equipment, the cables will undergo frequent and severe mechanical stress and may break after some time.