Unique: VOVOX® custom made cables

Custom made cables

We are also happy to satisfy individual customer requests. If you can't find a desired cable in your preferred length or with fitting connectors, don't hesistate: order the cable according to your wishes at your local dealer or contact us directly. We will make sure, that you receive a made-to-measure solution.

Examples for custom products:

  • special length
  • special combination of connectors
  • special types of connectors
  • custom-modified types of cables
  • special pin assignment
  • stage boxes
  • break-out boxes

The VOVOX® purum concept

VOVOX® offers project-specific solutions for the internal and external wiring of audio components, instruments or entire recording studios.

Instruments or recording studios that are completely wired with VOVOX® sound conductors are awarded with the VOVOX® purum quality label. Read more >