VOVOX® vocalis bridges

Thanks to the VOVOX® vocalis bridges (jumpers), single-wiring of speaker terminals can be wired strictly with vocalis conductors. A good alternative to achieve a controlled solution, even without bi-wiring.

      • solid-core conductors of 99.95% pure OFC-copper
      • optimized cable design to minimize surface boundary
      • cable coating with natural fibers
  • not shielded
  • gold plated spades of continuous cast copper
  • set of 4 pieces (2 x red / 2 x black)
  • length: 15 cm / 5.9 inch

VOVOX® vocalis jumpers product range

Length [cm/inch] Connector to signal source   Connector to signal receiver Item number
2 pairs x 15 / 5.9 spade spade 1.4505

Minimized Boundary Surfaces

Cables have many surfaces, or more precisely expressed, boundary surfaces, like the grain boundaries in copper, or the boundary between the conductor surface and the insulation. Each boundary is a source of imperfection. VOVOX® sound conductors are made of single solid core conductors. Using this construction, the total boundary surface is reduced by up to 90% compared to stranded wires.

Cable coating with natural fibers

The contact surface between the conductor and the dielectric medium must accommodate complex interactions. Thanks to the tried-and-tested solid-core concept, these effects can be efficiently reduced. VOVOX® textura fortis, textura and vocalis are further improved by a fine meshwork of natural fibers that form a protective wrapping around the conductor. Triboelectrical phenomena are no longer possible. The difference is audible: tranquillity instead of disturbance, an incredibly tidy stage, perfect transparency.